ANGKRINGAN LIK MAN Spending Your Night in Yogyakarta with Kopi Joss

kopi jos

One of the places you mentioned have angkringan Lik man that the north is the Tugu railway station. This is understandable because this place is the city of Yogyakarta. not experience Jogjabackpacker invites you to enjoy this famous Lik Man shady with many others. Angkringan Lik Man is… Continue Reading

Bakpia Pathok, snack from jogja


When we mention the name bakpia, surely our minds fixed on Yogyakarta. It is extremely popular legit food in town warm though in many cities have similar food pia name. Pathok is one of the center is quite famous bakpia from time to time. Even… Continue Reading

Sego Geneng Mbah Marto (Special Rice From Marto Grandmother)


when it was looking for eels and crabs in Sleman Market, Calling my Eka Mas family who told me he was waiting for us at home. Beginning in 2010, weve come to this shop, unfortunately has not been fortunate to enjoy the legendary… Continue Reading