Sego Geneng Mbah Marto (Special Rice From Marto Grandmother)

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when it was looking for eels and crabs in Sleman Market, Calling my Eka Mas family who told me he was waiting for us at home. Beginning in 2010, weve come to this shop, unfortunately has not been fortunate to enjoy the legendary nggeneng sego, dated January 1, 2010 we ran out and closed the next day. Warung Sego ngGeneng situated in the hamlet Nengahan, Stage Harjo, Kecamatan Sewon, Bantul regency telephone 085 292 095 550. This location is relatively difficult to find because it is located in the township. From the direction towards the southern city of Yogyakarta Jalan Parangtritis follow up to see ISI Jogja and Sewon post office, then turn right [west] to the hamlet Nengahan. This diner is owned by mBah Martodiryo or mBah Marto Gowok [80 years].
Warung sego nggeneng are food stalls serving classic warm with areh are not thick and 
green vegetables using papaya leaves are not bitter. Sauces a peanut sauce that is cooked spicy tholo using rambak (krecek Ndeso). While lauknya form of tofu, tempeh, eggs, rempelo ati, cooked with spices and dazed besengek catfish. Formerly, mBah Marto hawking these foods to sell in the area on foot circumference Suryoputran, Gamelan, Pesindenan, Patehan, Rotiwijayan, and others. But as we age, Marto mBah finally held wares at home. Dazed catfish dish is a menu mainstay at this shop, because how to cook it a unique and distinctive taste. Unlike the usual dazed elsewhere who lelenya fried, smoked catfish here first before cooking with herbs dazed. Catfish stabbed with coconut leaf midrib (hunchback), stacked, and then smoked using coconut husk.

We have eight of departing from home at 11:00 by car deer Mas Eka. At about 11.45, after a 37 km long journey we finally arrived at Warung Sego ngGeneng mBah Marto. When we got to fit lunch hour, there are few cars in the parking lot that came first from us, one of the cars using number plate outside the town. This does not surprise us because this shop has many customers from various circles in and outside Jogja Jogja.
Arriving at the house that sekalius mBah Marto also stall, we headed to Pawon [kitchen]. Pawon is a place to cook food. Here the food is cooked using a sleek, wood-fired stove. Marto mBah Pawon relatively simple with a wall of bricks that have been blackened by soot. There are some cool used for cooking rice, vegetables and side dishes.
Dazed catfish is a typical regional food Jogja-Solo, usually fried catfish is cooked again in a spicy sauce dazed. In this shop, not fried like a dazed lelenya elsewhere but smoked. Before smoked catfish that had been cleaned pierced with a hunchback [coconut leaf midrib] and then smoked over a fire which originated from the coconut husk which was burned. Use of humpback that produces oil when smoked makes catfish is not sticky, while pengapasan catfish catfish produce a chewy meat and still leaves a sense of rice pest. Once smoked, catfish and then inserted into the dazed spices, like curry but spicy seasoning and cool heated above [ground wood-fired oven] until cooked.

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