Ratu Boko Temple

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Ratu Boko Temple

Ratu Boko Palace is an imposing building that was built during the reign of Rakai Panangkaran, one of the descendants of the dynasty Wangsa. The palace was originally named Abhayagiri Vihara (ie peaceful monastery on a hill) was built for seclusion and to focus on spiritual life. Being in this palace, you can feel the tranquility and the sights of the city of Yogyakarta and Prambanan temple with the background of the Merapi.

This palace is 196 meters above sea level located. An area of 250,000 m2 area of the palace is divided into four, namely, middle, west, south and east. The middle part consists of building at the main gate, field, Temple Arson, swimming, rock and berumpak Paseban. Now includes the southeastern part of the hall, Hall-Hall, 3 temples, ponds and complexity for Princess. Complex cave, Buddha Stupa, and ponds located in the east. While the western part consists only of the mountains.

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If you enter from the palace gate, you are right to the middle. Two large doors will welcome you. The first gate has three inputs, while the second has 5 doors. If you are careful, is found on the first goal, the word Panabwara. Said wrote that the inscription on the Middle Wanua III in Rakai Panabwara, (descendants Rakai Panangkaran), which took over the palace are based. The purpose of the letter his name is to legitimize the power to give power more glorious and signaled that the building was the main building.

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