Lebaran, the tradition of Indonesia

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Lebaran tradition has indeed been very familiar with the people of Indonesia, many people flocking back and forth from the big cities (where they earn a living) to the hometown of each together at the same time anyway. The result was predictable, flow of traffic to a standstill, many traffic accidents and crime.

At the time of homecoming season arrives, all the means transfortasi either by land, sea and air would have sold raided the travelers. They are willing to jostle, queued for hours or even pay the cost of not less just to get home to their pages and sunken could gather with relatives back home when the day nan fitri (Idul Fitri) arrives.

Lebaran unique traditions like that only exist in Indonesia. In other words we will not encounter such Lebaran tradition in countries anywhere in the world including Islamic countries like Malaysia, Saudi Arabia and Iran. Even in Saudi Arabia states that in fact the country where Muslims are the Qibla, the feast of Eid al-Fitr to be addressed by condition mediocre. There is no particular tradition of welcoming day Eid al-Fitr in particular the tradition of Lebaran.

But unlike in Indonesia, every citizen arrived Lebaran Indonesia will be very busy. Starting from the Lebaran, bought Eid clothes, make cookies Eid, ampau prepare for the brothers and other religious rituals such as Jiarah tomb etc..

Special for me, Lebaran this time was very special at all. Why so special? Yes .. because it is Eid Lebaran my first time going home to my hometown feel. Its almost 8 months I worked and lived in Jakarta, the desire to feel his own experience of Lebaran become one of the reasons why I chose to work outside of my town. Yes I come from a small village called Karanganyar in the area cililin West Bandung regency. Although the city of Bandung is closer to my hometown but Id prefer to Jakarta as a city where making a living. Today has been stepped on H-5, but I still have to come to work. Longing to the family and village halamanpun increasingly passionate, consequently bekerjapun not concerned. But I have to be patient to wait around another day before finally off work and could be going home. Dibenakku how the situation is looming highway when Im going home later, definitely solid with various types of vehicles., But this should not dampen my intention to immediately Lebaran to my hometown. The reason I have not been hanging out with my family and this is the right moment to pour on them a sense Rinduku. Therefore, before going back and forth, do not forget Im taking the time to buy souvenirs for my family in the village.

This is the thing about being a citizen of Indonesia, many unique traditions including the tradition in their communities Mudik Lebaran, Tradition Unique Original Indonesia.

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