Lava Tour, evidence of malignancy Merapi

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merapi mountain

If you happen to live in Yogyakarta or Central Java, would have been familiar with the Mount Merapi. The mountain is still active, so that the massive eruption some time this has happened. Maybe you want to know how devastating eruption trim. Well, you can visit the Lava Tour in the region Kaliadem, Sleman.
This place can be reached from the city of Yogyakarta is about 1 hour drive. Its location adjacent to the Tourism Ground.
In this location there is vomit lava lake shelter from Merapi. Here we can see large boulders and sand. Sand is by residents in the transport by trucks to be used as building materials.

Bangker Kaliadem

We can also see the former shop / house who drowned were buried vomit trim material. In some locations, we can see some bunkers that are used for emergency persembunyaian kala eruption. One of the largest bunker seen near the entrance of Lava Tour. This bunker during the last eruption of hot lava and buried with the material causing a villager were killed.

Although located on the slopes of Merapi, do not be afraid to visit. As long as there is no danger of eruption, where it opened to the public every day.
At this location there are also rows of merchants who peddle trim coffee, snacks, flowers edelwes up to a row of photo history of the eruption of Merapi

Jeep merapi

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