Kotagede Mosque, the Oldest Mosque in Yogyakarta

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masjid kotagede

Walking in Kotagede would not be complete if not visited the mosque Kotagede, the building of the oldest Islamic temple in Yogyakarta. The tree grows in a place that is now used for parking. Walking closer to the mosque complex, there is an arc-shaped paduraksa. L-shape and the wall paduraksa it is a form of tolerance Sultan Agung to residents who build the mosque that is still embraced Hinduism and helped Budha.Memasuki court, there is an inscription that is green. The first stage, which was built during Sultan Agung only the core of the building a small mosque. Because of his small mosque used to be called to break. Features can be seen in pyramid-shaped roof and the room is divided into two parts, namely the core and the porch.
A moat that surrounds the mosque before entering the main building of the mosque to be found. The trench was used in the past as a drainage channel after the water used wudlu north of the mosque. To facilitate people who want to worship, a small bridge built of wood arranged rows.
On the outside of the core of the mosque there are old drum next to the gong. A pulpit to preach that the beautifully carved wood materials can be found on the inside of the mosque, next to the imam leading the prayer. The choir was also a gift. Walking around the yard, will find a difference in the wall around the mosque building. The wall is made of brick section on the left a larger, red, and there are stones like marble on the surface Java script is written. The wall on the left is the mosque that was built during the great Sultan, while another wall is the result of the restoration Pakubowono X. The wall, which during the great Sultan Sugar Palm Water adhesive that can help so much more was built.

The mosque, hundreds of years old he is still looks alive. Outside the prayer times, many residents who use mosques to communicate for a place to learn the Koran, and others.

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