Bakpia Pathok, snack from jogja

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When we mention the name bakpia, surely our minds fixed on Yogyakarta. It is extremely popular legit food in town warm though in many cities have similar food pia name.

Pathok is one of the center is quite famous bakpia from time to time. Even some consumers have a particular brand as customers. Along the way KS Tubun this every house has a business making bakpia ranging from household scale to industrial scale. You will easily find stores bakpia vendors around the road. Bakpianya own brand of house numbers which are patented. So do not be surprised when you buy bakpia in house number 25, the brand also bakpianya 25. Likewise bakpia 75 and 175 well-known.

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It is now nearly all the central attractions and souvenirs in the city of Yogyakarta is not difficult to find bakpia. But for some people it is not memorable visit Jogja without hunting bakpia in Pathok.

I do not know since when bakpia began to be made, which clearly bakpia very closely with the city of Yogyakarta. It was a legit because it is made from a mixture of green beans and sugar then wrapped in a flour dough with a little vegetable oil. Choice of natural ingredients and blends that fit makes bakpia become souvenirs of Jogja to loved ones back home. Under normal conditions, resistance can be up to 1 month bakpia without preservatives and storage at room temperature is good.

To reach the central bakpia is not difficult. If you are currently located in the region malioboro, simply by Rp10.000, you will be escorted rickshaw trip, with a different flavor bakpia, Original Flavor (kumbu green or black beans), cheese, and chocolate. Its location is close enough to make Pathok Malioboro never empty of visitors.

some famous bakpia stores in jogja:
1. Bakpia Pathok 75
2. Bakpia Pathok 25

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