ANGKRINGAN LIK MAN Spending Your Night in Yogyakarta with Kopi Joss

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kopi jos

One of the places you mentioned have angkringan Lik man that the north is the Tugu railway station. This is understandable because this place is the city of Yogyakarta. not experience Jogjabackpacker invites you to enjoy this famous Lik Man shady with many others. Angkringan Lik Man is legendary because the seller is the first generation of this famous supplier in Yogyakarta, which mostly come from Klaten.
Lik male or female, whose real name is Uncle Raharjo Main Contractor Pairo childs grandfather, first angkringan sellers in Yogyakarta, which has been running this business since 1950. Stall with angkringan awarded the designation of 
Ting Ting HIK is transmitted to humans in 1969, Lik. Since then, other fungi angkringans in Yogyakarta.

Josss favorite beverage is coffee, coffee served with hot coal fell in it. The main menu is Sego kucing cooked rice and stir fried Tempe and small fish with chili. Other foods such as french fries and fried Jadah (from glutinous rice) is also available. The sego Cats delicious sold at 1,000 rupiah per share. Sego Kucing who served warm temperature goes well with fried quail eggs or other like crazy.

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